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Terms and Conditions

Customer Pickup

  • Customer pickup is available for used items at our Florida warehouse.
  • Pickup times are Monday through Friday 9AM-4PM. Saturday 9AM-1PM.
  • For orders exceeding 10 items, a three-business day notice is required.
  • Securing the load is the sole responsibility of the buyer. The seller assumes no liability or responsibility for damages as a result of loads being improperly or inadequately secured.
  • Items must be picked up as soon as possible. A storage charge of $30 per item will be assessed on items not picked up within 30 days. All items not picked up within 60 days from close of sale will be considered abandoned. Ownership of the item will return to the seller and all monies paid by the buyer related to these items will be forfeited.
  • The seller accepts no liability for loss, theft, or damage to any item while stored in our warehouse.